First Dance songs can give many couples a bit of a headache when it comes to picking the right one and with so many wonderful available, where do they start when it comes to the most important song of the night?

As Devon wedding caterers, Lyme Bay Field Kitchen, are here to help couples planning their big day and hope that you find our blog helpful but humorous and worth sharing with others.   Our latest post is to help with the dilemmas couples face when it is time to pick the first dance song and the one that they will ever be reminded of.

For some couples the decision was already made when they first met, even before the thought of marriage popped into their heads. Although that is not the most  important first dance, it was the first dance as a couple and not long after Cupid took aim.  Most couples have ‘that’ song they associate with the beginning of their love.  But not all are appropriate.  So what then?

Here are 10 tips to help narrow down that perfect first dance song.

1.  Take a look at the lists of the many popular first dance songs that can be found across the internet.  One might just jump out and you won’t need to go any further.  If you find that you decide on one song, and then rapidly change your mind as you another choice presents itself keep reading.

2.  The best way to limit the amount of choices for first dance songs and the continuous need to keep picking a different one every five minutes is to pick a total number i.e 10, 15, 20, 25.  This way you choices will not be as impulsive (well that is the idea).

3.  Start writing a list of first dance songs you are considering – makes notes about them – why you have picked that song for your first dance, which one of the couple made the choice, is the song a well-known one, do you have this in your music collection.

4.  Read the lyrics of the songs you have added to your ‘maybe’ list and see if one stands out and really reflects what your relationship stands for.  You might want to just use part of the song to dance to if being on the dance floor with all eyes on you is not your thing.

5.  If you have gone for a particular wedding theme, see if there are any songs that fit well with this.  There are plenty of songs that fit into a variety of genres and then there are the ones that are only perfect for one – see which one your wedding theme is better matched to

6.  Why not match your song to your dance?  Some couples opt to take a few private dance classes to give their first dance a Strictly Come Dancing feel to it and if you are a big fan why not see if you can emulate one of the performances.  Your dance coach will guide you towards the best song to use.

7.  Ask others – friends, family, work colleagues, Twitter followers – or honour your parents and pick the first dance song they danced to on their wedding day.  We know what you are thinking – two sets of parents which one to choose?  No need if you have a music expert amongst your friends who can

8.  Look at your own music collection.  It is surprising how many couples don’t even think to do so – there is probably the perfect w first dance song or two amongst them.  Make a pile and spend an afternoon taking a listen.

9.  Our dedicated Pinterest board – The First Dance – is filled with lyrics, song suggestions and also ideas of how to turn that first dance into a lasting memory on the walls of your home as a canvas or wall art.

10.  Toss a coin – but only as a last resort!

If you have tried all 10 and still undecided there is only one thing to do – let the DJ surprise you!