Planning a wedding can take over your every minute and lose that wonderful experience feeling very quickly if it all becomes too much.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  With a little research before any possibilities have made it on to the list of finalists the planning process can remain an occasion to enjoy.  You might need a little help from your friends and family but we doubt that not many of them will be turning down the chance to be part of the preparations.  So where do you start with the research?

Research #1 – Wedding Fairs

Wedding Fairs are the perfect event to attend if you have a wedding to plan and a lot of them are generally held at a fancy hotel or wedding venue.  So whilst you check out the smaller details you can also check out a possible venue – now that sounds like a great idea for a busy bride-to-be!  Don’t feel that you have to limit yourself to just one or two as it is always wise to get a few ideas from various places, but on the other hand, don’t tire yourself out and end up dreading the words Wedding Fairs.

Research #2 – Wedding Magazines

Before you go rushing off to the shops and clear the shelves of all the latest wedding magazines, why not ask around.  Magazines have a habit of being hard to get rid of and if you’re lucky they might just be of use to you.  Backdated magazines can also be found at boot sales at a reduced price to if you are trying to keep your budget down.  Once you have a good selection of magazines then you can start putting together a mood board (or maybe just adding your ideas to a blank wall).  How about inviting some friends over to help you get two or three choices and listen to their ideas.

Research #3 – Pinterest

Like the wedding magazines, Pinterest is a great way of creating a visual board jammed packed with everything wedding related.  Not only can you pin other people’s ideas but you can also share your own with others too.  Images can be pinned from the internet as well as from images that you may have taken on route to your wedding preparations.  So always have your camera (or mobile) on hand to capture anything that tweaks your wedding senses and get it uploaded and pinned to your perfect wedding board.  Friends can be a great help to and if they are also a big fan of Pinterest they can keep their eyes peeled for ideas for you too.

Research #4 – Wedding Blogs

Why not let someone else do the research so you can sit back and just read what they have to say?  Blogs have become a very popular way of sharing opinions, experiences and ideas with anyone looking for them.  There are so many wedding blogs on the internet (including this one of course) that focuses on all aspects of a wedding from venues, to menus, to dresses, to colours and themes.  If you want to become part of the blogging community you could also begin documenting your own wedding experience so that future brides-to-be can enjoy what you have to say too.

Happy researching!

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