Whether you decide to make the cutting of the wedding cake one of the main events at your reception.  Or prefer to keep things a little more low key.  The design, shape and taste of the actual cake can be whatever ever you desire it to be.

Some couples opt for the more traditional tiered cake (three, four or five tiers depending on the number of guests and how lavish your big day is).  Whereas others pick a cake that can only be classed as elaborate and made for one reason and one reason only – to WOW your guests.  There are also a growing number of couples who would prefer to let their guests pick their own cake and go for the more casual approach – mini wedding cakes, wedding themed cupcakes or a good selection of cake already sliced.

We’re going to take a closer look at these three options – traditional, elaborate and cupcakes and give you some ideas to which cakes fit better under each.  Remember there is no rules set in stone, it is your wedding and you can have whichever cake you would like.  But don’t forget your guests will be just as excited at the thought of a slice of wedding cake as you are – whether that be as part of the dessert menu, as a gift to take home with them, or included in evening buffet.

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Traditional Wedding Cake

The most traditional wedding cake is the one that is tiered and how many tiers it consists of is down to the couple getting married.  When choosing a tiered wedding cake it is a good idea to take into account how many guests will be offered a slice.  Each tier could be flavoured differently to give guests a number of alternatives – not everyone likes chocolate or sponge cakes.  A tiered cake can be either round or square and the tiers can either be placed upon the tier below or raised slightly with cake pillars.

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Elaborate Wedding Cake

The purpose of this type of wedding cake is to leave your guests speechless at the sheer skill that has gone into created such an elaborate design.  One cake that comes to mind is a Croquembouche – a traditional French wedding cake.  There is nothing traditional about this amazing cake that consists of choux buns filled with either crème patisserie or chocolate.  It is then built into a pyramid and decorated with fine strands of caramel.  The overall effect is one of wonder and will definitely be difficult to make that first cut, until you taste it.


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Image courtesy of Flors Bakery

Cupcake Wedding Cake


If you are a couple who is not too keen on sticking to traditional – English or French – then cupcakes are your answer. They can be decorated to match your colour scheme, your wedding theme, wedding related or just a mixture.  Couples that opt for cupcakes over a wedding cake, however, do like to present them as the main feature using a tiered cake stand.  The couples who just want their guests to tuck in to the mini delights could go for smaller cake stands to adorn the centre of tables.  How and where you display them is up to you but if they taste as good as they look they will not be there for long.

For some amazing wedding cake ideas check out our dedicated Pinterest board or head over to our Facebook page and find out what other happy couples have chosen for their special day.