For many, the first line of this traditional rhyme, brings to mind a bride on her wedding day.  But what does it actually mean for the bride herself?

The belief is a bride who wishes to bring good luck to her wedding and impending marriage life should incorporate these four; old, new, borrowed, blue into her day.  But like any bride knows, wedding plans can become an endless list of ideas, and the thought of adding four more fills them with panic.

Don’t worry Lyme Bay Field Kitchen have it all under control and our latest blog post includes an explanation into the meaning of this rhyme and ideas for brides-to-be to consider.  We have also dedicated one of our Pinterest boards to The Four ‘Somethings’  and is full of fabulous ideas, fantastic images and places to shop.


Something Old

Wearing something old represents the link between the bride and her family.  Particularly with her mother and grandmother, and is a symbol of continuity.  So brides-to-be should start asking their mother or grandmother if they have any antique jewellery they could possibly wear on their wedding day.  If either still have their wedding gowns, maybe something from that could be used on your own dress – say the veil?  Other ideas include a hankerchief, a pretty scarf or a piece of antique lace.


Something New

Something new is the easiest of the four ‘somethings’ to achieve as most brides do make their wedding dress the ‘something new’ on their big day.  Wearing something new represents good luck and success.  As a bride walks down the aisle she is filled with hopes that a bright future lays ahead.  It also reflects the new union that the bride and her new husband is making will last forever.  If a bride does decide not to wear a new wedding dress, flowers, rings and shoes can be a good substitute for the ‘something new.’

dress and shoes

Image courtesy of My Paradise Wedding

Something Borrowed

For the ‘something borrowed’ a bride should look in the direction of another happily married woman; a sister, friend, cousin, and their jewellery box. It is believed that if a happily married woman lends a bride-to-be her ‘something borrowed’ she is also lending her some of the material happiness to carry into her new marriage.  If jewellery is not an option, their bouquet, shoes, or even a wedding dress would work well as your ‘something borrowed.’


Something Blue

In ancient times ‘something blue’ was the symbol of faithfulness, purity and loyalty and might be the solution to that ‘colour scheme’ problem you may find you are having.  If blue will not be part of your wedding colour scheme, a bride could quite easily slip a blue garter under her dress, or slip on a blue pair of shoes, or for just a tiny hint of blue – nail varnish, eyeshadow or a discreet blue tattoo (a temporary one if you don’t like needles).


The four ‘somethings’ are a must have on your wedding day and as you will see they don’t need to be an extravagant addition or even on show.  As the bride, it is your day, and your decision and we hope our latest post will be of help give you some ideas of your own.