One thing that a bride and groom does not want as part of their wedding day is a disaster.  But what could possibly go wrong with all the preparation you have done?  We’ve got a Top Five possibly wedding disasters and some tips on how to avoid them altogether (or almost).

1.  The bride or groom gets the giggles.

You know how it is if one person starts laughing, but what happens if it is the bride or groom who are in the middle of taking their vowels.  If you or your partner do have a name that has the potential for a little bit of hysteria then it is probably a good idea to practice saying this until the hilarity is removed.  Obviously some people do giggle when they are nervous and this cannot be helped but if that is you, try and take some deep breaths and focus on how lovely it will be to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.

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2.  One of the wedding party faints.

Being part of the wedding party can be nerve-wracking and it is no wonder so many people tend to faint on the big day.  Not only do the nerves get the better of you, but for some they have skipped breakfast, or been up for hours and their body is running low on energy.  Try and make sure that all wedding party members have at least had something before they head to the ceremony.  Nominate the least likely person to faint (but not the bride and groom as they may be a little tied up) and equip them with some energy bars and bottled water for emergencies.

3.  The bride takes a tumble.

Wedding dresses can look gorgeous but they can also be long and flowing and that screams a possible disaster. The bride should practice walking up and down with her dress and shoes on holding her flowers and her father’s arm (or a stand-in) and see if any little problems crop up.  It would also be a good idea if the bridesmaids had a practice too.  New shoes can be a nightmare when first worn and it only takes only little trip to cause a disaster.

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4.  Technical difficulties.

We all know technology can have a mind of its own at times but when it decides to play up smack bang in the middle of your first dance what do you do?  Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do if the DJ is having trouble with the music but having a plan B might just save the day.  The plan B could be in the shape of a portable CD player with a collection of songs, your first dance song included, to keep guests on their feet whilst the DJ sorts out the problem.  Better still why not invite a musical guest to accompany your first dance on their guitar or keyboard.

5.  The wedding cake takes a tumble.

Wedding cakes can be heavy and if the table that it has been placed on is not quite up to such a weight then all will come tumbling down and end up a bit of a mess on the floor.  Make sure the table that is chosen can support such a beautiful creation and that when it is time to cut the cake it is not going to strain under the occasion. Might be a good idea as well to ensure any tablecloths reach the floor and are not at the perfect height for a little one to get their hands on and pull.

You can’t be prepared for every disaster but if you have the Top Five covered then (fingers crossed) your day will be disaster-free from beginning to end.

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