There was a time when every party, special occasion or wedding you went to had all the same meals on the menu and finger foods on the buffet table. That was the ‘norm’ back then. Nowadays anything goes and that includes what type of food you and your guests should get to eat on your Special Day.  Newly engaged couples are thinking outside the box and going for a menu that is a little different and one that compliments their day rather than stands out for all the wrong reasons.

A popular choice, and definitely one to add to your list if you’re planning on going al fresco is a Wood Fired Pizza and an option Lyme Bay Field Kitchen has included on their Wedding Menu for 2014.  Imagine sipping a cool glass of something delicious with the tantalising aromas of freshly cooked wood fired pizza floating all around you.  Doesn’t it make your mouth water just thinking about it? They will also be very different from the pizzas you’ve previously tasted, unless you’re already a lover of pizzas cooked in the traditional way. A pizza worth serving to your guests should be a pizza cooked in no other way but in a wood fired oven. It will also make for a great topic of conversation and you will see plenty of eyes, young and old, watching the chefs preparing the pizzas before expertly popping them into the wood fired ovens. You can bet guests won’t take their eyes off those ovens until it is time to take the pizza back out again. Can you hear the stampede rushing towards the smoky aromas? Your guests will be coming back for more, and more. It’s a good job wood fired ovens can cook at least 80 pizzas an hour. That will surely be enough to keep hunger at bay.


As wedding caterers covering Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset we have found one of the reasons many couples opt to include a wood fired pizza on their menu is the fact it is freshly cooked on demand. It is also the perfect option if the temperature on your big day keeps rising and rising. Going Al Fresco is great when the sun is shining high in the clear blue sky, but not so great when you it comes to food. A lot of people find the heat affects their appetite and in the hot summer months (or even in the spring time when the weather surprises us) they only want to pick. Why not just make it easier on yourselves and treat all your guests to a collection of authentic Italian pizzas instead? Perfect for the hungry and the not so hungry. When it comes to the pizza toppings you can sometimes find they are an endless list of mismatched ingredients. The original and most popular ones; Hawaiian, Mediterranean, El Greco, Pepperoni, Ham & Mushroom, Funghi, Napoletana, Diavelo and Margherita will keep any guest happy, including the unadventurous or vegetarian amongst them. There is even a few for that elderly relative who has never had a slice of pizza in their life.

So you’ve decided a wood fired pizza is top of your list when it comes to food, but you don’t seem to have a clue how to serve it to your guests and what else to include? There are two ways wood fired pizzas can be served. Guests can request their own individual pizzas and keep all 9 inch of it to themselves or pizzas can be cut up and placed on lovely wooden boards for them to share. If it was my choice, the sharing option sounds much more fun and will certainly bring your guests together. As for what to accompany the wood fired pizzas – a nice tossed salad with coleslaw, or a selection of rice or pastas dishes.

Lyme Bay Field Kitchen have catered for a large number of weddings in and around Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and Somerset and will be more than happy to guide you through your menu choices.  However you decide to eat your wood fired pizza there are a few things that will be guaranteed once you’ve finished your first slice – your mind will already be working on which pizza topping to try next and you will only ever eat a pizza that has been prepared before your eyes and cooked in the traditional way using a wood fired oven.

To get some ideas of which Wood Fired Pizzas to offer your guests, why not check out our Pinterest boards or our Facebook photos and see for yourself how popular this option really is.