With so many aspects that need planning for a wedding, there is one that the majority of couples seem to forget to include – the weather.   Don’t let the weather spoil your wedding day.

It is every bride’s dream to wake up on their wedding day with clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine with no sign of wind or rain.  The seasons do dictate how the weather may look at a particular time of year but for those planning their weddings it is advisable to have a plan B in case of sudden showers or howling winds.

Your wedding day is not the time to have to think of alternatives or listen to an elderly relative complain that their feet are soaking wet.  Here are a few things you might need to rethink if the weather does take a turn for the worst.


If you are intending to have an open topped car or even a horse and carriage to take you to and from your wedding ceremony, have you considered a change in the weather might pose a problem?  We all know that a beautifully sunny day can quickly turn to a downpour and no bride should be caught out.

Options:  check to see what the policy is for bad weather with the company supplying your transport.  They probably have every eventuality covered.

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Marquees are a great idea, but not when the wind is howling through them and threatening to lift the whole thing into the air.  There is also the problem of a muddy walkway if the heavens have opened and this can become quite hazardous as day turns to night.

Options:  have some patio heaters on hand just in case but make sure they meet with the standard requirements – there is no need for guests to get too hot!  If there is a chance of rain, opt for a covered walkway to keep the mud out and your guests standing on two feet.


Newly married couples love to look back on their wedding day with fondness.  They definitely don’t want their memories to be ruined by the weather, especially if they have choose a venue because of the amazing backdrop that is on hand for their wedding photos.

Options:  check with the venue to find out if they have an alternative backdrop in case outside photo-shoots are out of the questions.  Also check out the local area for alternative photo locations that are just as beautiful but remain uncover.

Hair & Wedding Outfit (this one is more for the bride-to-be)

The preparation that goes into a wedding day does not stop once everything has been booked.  On the wedding day there is still plenty to do and it is normally the bride that is the focus.  There is no way she wants to turn walk down the aisle looking like she has just been hit by a bucket of water.

Options:  hire someone just to hold the bride’s umbrella (or kindly ask a guest).  Have an emergency hair and make-up kit to hand for any last minute touch-ups.  Invite both your hairdresser and make-up artist to keep you looking beautifully throughout your wedding day.

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Wedding Menu

Wedding Menus are, in the majority of cases, chosen to compliment the wedding theme and on occasion the intended weather for that day.  The weathermen can (and do) get the forecast very wrong and that could bring an end to al fresco eating for you and your guests.

Options:  talk to your wedding caterer and see what alternatives they can come up with – after all they are the professionals and have probably faced this type of challenge before.  Also talk to your venue and make sure they can accommodate you and your guests if the wedding menu needs to be eaten inside.  You might also want to check they have room for your caterer too.

Be prepared for the unexpected and don’t let the weather spoil your day.  If you wish to get some more ideas just in case it does decide to rain on the only day you would rather it didn’t – check out our dedicated Pinterest board where you will find some clever, funny and unusual ways to keep those raindrops at a safe distance.

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