Repeat after me – It’s Your Wedding, It’s Your Wedding, It’s Your Wedding!  There will be times when you think that this wedding is anything but yours.  But keep calm and remember is is your wedding and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Planning a wedding can be stressful but it can also be one of the most exciting times in your life.  After all you’re marrying the man of your dreams, what could be any better than that, apart from obviously welcoming your children into the world.  But let’s get the wedding and honeymoon over first before nursery planning is next on the list.

Brides-to-be and their future husbands, no doubt, say a silent prayer hoping all will go smoothly on the day.  However, it can be the dramas that rear their ugly heads on the lead up that they need to be aware of.  Be one step ahead and ensure no little (or big) drama tries to spoil your wedding planning.  Here are three people that might just do or say the wrong thing and do just that.



People are allowed their opinions but when it comes to your special day they seem to have so many more.  They don’t like this, they don’t like that, they think their way is better.  For those in your immediate family they may be allowed to air their opinion, especially Dad if he is footing the bill, but your old neighbour two doors down – no way!



Both mothers – his and yours – may try to muscle in on your plans for very different reasons.  Is your future husband still considered a mummy’s boy?  If the answer is yes, then expect your future mother-in-law to up her possessiveness.  As for your mother, don’t let her take charge unless that is what you really want.

But what about fathers?  Get them to bond over golf, fishing or gardening before the big day.  No wedding party wants to see two grown man trading insults.


The Groom

A man getting married is very different to a woman and that goes for how much enthusiasm he shows when it comes to the wedding plans.  It is hard for stressed bride-to-bes not to take even the tiniest thing personally.  Don’t.  This is the guy that will be standing opposite to you on your wedding day.  So what if he doesn’t care if the placecards are cream or blue?  Or if his idea of a sit down meal is a good hot curry.  He was not made to plan a wedding.  But you were.  Get him to choose the gifts for the women – mothers, maid of honour, flower girl, bridesmaids – in your wedding party.


Repeat after me – It’s Your Wedding, It’s Your Wedding, It’s Your Wedding!  And don’t you forget it!