For brides their wedding dress will either enhance their day or cause them to shake their head at the awful memory.  But it just isn’t the design and material of the dress that needs to be considered carefully – the colour can make a real difference.

This quirky poem from the 1800s gives brides a glimpse into what lies in store for brides depending on the colour of their wedding dress.

Married in White – you have chosen right

Married in Grey – you will go far away

Married in Black – you will wish yourself back

Married in Red – you will wish yourself dead

Married in Green – ashamed to be seen

Married in Blue – you will always be true

Married in Pearl – you will live in a whirl

Married in Yellow – ashamed of your fellow

Married in Brown – you will live in the town

Married in Pink – your spirit will sink


Obviously it is just a bit of silliness with words but will it sway you towards one colour and away from another?

 Not every bride wants to get married in white and the wedding of today where anything goes a bride is able to choose whatever colour she desires.  But with so much choice is that another decision that just adds to the list?  So what alternatives are there to white that will not look out of place and allow the bride to still be the best dressed lady of the day.

  • Pink – Jessica Biel decided that she preferred pink over white for her big day to Justin Timberlake.
  • Black – the perfect colour for rock star Avril Lavigne to wear to marry her very own rock star boyfriend Chad Kroeger.
  • Purple – Dita Von Teese opted for purple when she married Marilyn Mansoon
  • Yellow – Hollywood Glamour Goddess Elizabeth Taylor wore a lovely shade of yellow to one of her many weddings
  • Combination of two colours – Gwen Stefani wore a gown of white and pink (several shades) when she got married.

There is no right or wrong colour and the decision is ultimately down to the bride as it is her that will be slipping her beautiful gown on before she heads into married life.  Loads of colour ideas can be found on our dedicated Pinterest board that may just see one dress jump right out and grab your attention.