Can you believe that 12 months has gone passed since our wedding focused blog went live and began sharing fun but informative posts for soon-to-be married couples.  So what better way to celebrate this one year milestone than by taking a look back at the delights planning a wedding can bring.

Things didn’t really take off until the start of 2014 – we blame that on the Christmas festivities and some pesky pc problems – with just a couple of taster posts to whet the appetite of wedding lovers in October 2013.  The first focused on the rise of Shabby Chic Weddings with some great additional images on the dedicated Pinterest board.  Then it was the turn of the Wood Fired Pizza and one that will have you dreaming about the way these types of pizza smell, look and taste – delizioso!

The beginning of 2015 let us take a look at the latest trend in weddings – The Unusual Wedding Theme – as well as a few dessert options to finish with after your main course.  In the short West Country series we took a look at a number of breathtakingly beautiful wedding venues, which colour belongs in which season, the wedding favours that your guests would be more than happy to go home with and the song that will be the one you take your first dance too.

Moving into the summer season there was a mixture of posts that covered the topic of alternative wedding gifts for those newlyweds who have already set up home together, which flowers brides across the country prefer to be holding as they walk down the aisle and the cake that should take centre stage after the bride and groom.  There was also some great advice when it comes to the unpredictability of weather and how to handle those who had a thing or two to say about your wedding plans, as well as a wedding countdown to help organise even the tiniest of arrangements.  In amongst those there was one that advised brides which colours could be the perfect replacement for a traditional white dress and last but not least a look at some of the celebrity brides of 2014 and the dress they opted for.

The next 12 months will see another great pick of wedding themed posts ranging from the honeymoon to evening entertainment and everything in between.  If time schedules and wedding days permit there may even be an Interview with the Wedding Caterer – so keep your eyes peeled.

 Just one last thing to say and that is a huge thank you for those who take the time to read the posts that we publish – we really do appreciate your support.