button bouquets

button bouquets
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Five ‘Alternative Flowers’ Ideas

Not every bride is a fan of flowers and will be looking for ‘alternative flowers’ ideas that look just as beautiful as the bouquet she will be walking down the aisle with.  But are they easy to find?  Most if not all of the five quirky alternative to flowers that we will be talking about can be attempted by a crafty bride or if that isn’t an option there are plenty of ‘crafties’ out there eager to get their hands on a project like these.

Unlike real flowers, these bouquets can and do last forever and would not look out of place on display along with a bride and groom photograph.  Each would also impress guests who have only ever seen flower bouquets (real or artificial) and give future brides alternative ideas of their own.  These quirky alternative to flowers do not have to be limited to the bride only and can include the bridesmaid, buttonholes and even the table decorations.

So let’s take a closer look at the five quirky alternative flowers:
#1 Alternative Flowers – Buttons

This is a great option and can be co-ordinated perfectly with your colour theme and can be of varying sizes and designs.  They are also a great project for those D-I-Y brides who wish to keep to their budget or have as much control over their big days as they can.

#2 Alternative Flowers – Paper

Bouquets made from paper are becoming more and more popular and there are endless ideas if this is the one you decide to go for.  Why not have your favourite song or piece of poetry, or even your wedding vowels written on the paper to add a little something special to the day.

#3 Alternative Flowers – Fabric

If […]

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