cropped wedding jackets

cropped wedding jackets
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Five Winter Cover-Ups

For those brides getting married in the winter months, ensuring that you don’t catch a cold before you even walk down the aisle is a must.  But what goes with a wedding dress?

Below we have five winter cover-ups that might sound like a recipe for disaster but in reality are the perfect cover-ups to keep the exposed parts of your upper body warm.  We’re guessing the lower parts of your body will be just fine with all those layers of lovely material.  Just remember it is only going to be a couple of short bursts of winter weather that you will step in and out of and for the journeys by car there are some lovely wedding throws available.

Cropped Jacket

There is no reason why a bride cannot add a jacket to her wedding outfit.  In fact some dresses will come with the option of a winter jacket that matches perfectly.  Cropped jackets do not have to match, they can be in whatever colour or style that you like.  Great options include faux fur, lace, satin and silk cropped jackets in creams, whites, pastel pinks and blues and even black and grey.

Cropped Cardigans

If you think wearing a jacket is too much hassle why not opt for a petite cropped cardigan instead.  There are so many available that even the fussiest of brides will be inundated by choices.  Why not try and match the colour of your cardigan with your flowers, shoes or wedding theme.

Denim Jacket

The denim jacket might seem like an odd choice but have you ever seen a woman wearing a beautiful dress teamed with a bit of denim?  How does it look?  Most would say a great combination so why not on your winter […]