false nails

false nails

Nails Fit For A Bride

There are so many ‘little extras’ that a bride-to-be needs to think about when it comes to her big day and one of those ‘little extras’ is her nails.  Don’t forget they often get a close up of their own and they have to camera ready.

But what is the best route to success?  There are few measures that brides-to-be can take to make sure those nails look more than a little photogenic.

Gel Nails

Gel manicures have become one of the most popular trends in the last couple of years and can last for at least two weeks, and in some cases three.  Good points include the almost immediate drying time, top coat is chip and smudge proof, and the overall effect is amazing.  But with every good point there has to be a bad and with gel manicures it has to be the restriction of colour choice and we don’t mean the range of colours to choose from.  There are so many colours that brides-to-be can pick but they are not only limited by their wedding day but the days, and weeks after.  What might look great on your wedding day might not necessarily look good on your honeymoon, or doing the weekly shop.

False Nails

Like gel manicures, false nails offer a wide range of choices, both in colour and design for a bride-to-be.  These can be done either in a salon or at home dependent on budget and time and look fantastic in front of the camera lens.  But what are the downsides of false nails?  There is a risk that the nails will come lose during the day or evening and fall off leaving a very bare nail underneath for all to see.  Keeping spare […]

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