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Las Vegas
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Hello Honeymoon!

The honeymoon destination is just as important as the plans for the wedding day and gives the happy couple another chance to celebrate their union – but in style.  Imagine if, after a fabulous wedding day, you turn up to your honeymoon destination and it does not live up to your expectations.  That happy bubble you arrived with will quickly disappear and turn into a black cloud that follows you around for the remainder of the trip.  We don’t want that to happen to any couple.

We have come up with four honeymoon destinations that gives couples the choice between the beach, the casinos, the high seas and the slopes.

Honeymoon #1 – Las Vegas, USA

This honeymoon destination is not just all about the casinos and for those couples who want to enjoy every last minute it is also a place that never sleeps.  You even get the chance to ‘travel the world’ without going anywhere near an airport with the choice of a boat trip along the Nile, a climb up the Eiffel Tower or a gondola ride along a Venetian canal.  Why not do all three and add a trip to the great outdoors just a stone’s throw away from the famous Strip.  There is also a variety of gourmet restaurants and sensational residency shows on offer too.

Honeymoon #2 – St Moritz, Switzerland

For those couples who prefer the sight of snow covered slopes over clear blue waters then this is the place to head to after your big day.  This winter resort is the oldest in the world when it comes to sports and where better to spend your honeymoon than the place that has hosted some big named events including two Winter Olympics.  Situated […]

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