wedding cake

wedding cake
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Top Five Possible Wedding Disasters

One thing that a bride and groom does not want as part of their wedding day is a disaster.  But what could possibly go wrong with all the preparation you have done?  We’ve got a Top Five possibly wedding disasters and some tips on how to avoid them altogether (or almost).

1.  The bride or groom gets the giggles.

You know how it is if one person starts laughing, but what happens if it is the bride or groom who are in the middle of taking their vowels.  If you or your partner do have a name that has the potential for a little bit of hysteria then it is probably a good idea to practice saying this until the hilarity is removed.  Obviously some people do giggle when they are nervous and this cannot be helped but if that is you, try and take some deep breaths and focus on how lovely it will be to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.

2.  One of the wedding party faints.

Being part of the wedding party can be nerve-wracking and it is no wonder so many people tend to faint on the big day.  Not only do the nerves get the better of you, but for some they have skipped breakfast, or been up for hours and their body is running low on energy.  Try and make sure that all wedding party members have at least had something before they head to the ceremony.  Nominate the least likely person to faint (but not the bride and groom as they may be a little tied up) and equip them with some energy bars and bottled water for emergencies.

3.  The bride takes a tumble.

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Slice of Wedding Cake

Whether you decide to make the cutting of the wedding cake one of the main events at your reception.  Or prefer to keep things a little more low key.  The design, shape and taste of the actual cake can be whatever ever you desire it to be.

Some couples opt for the more traditional tiered cake (three, four or five tiers depending on the number of guests and how lavish your big day is).  Whereas others pick a cake that can only be classed as elaborate and made for one reason and one reason only – to WOW your guests.  There are also a growing number of couples who would prefer to let their guests pick their own cake and go for the more casual approach – mini wedding cakes, wedding themed cupcakes or a good selection of cake already sliced.

We’re going to take a closer look at these three options – traditional, elaborate and cupcakes and give you some ideas to which cakes fit better under each.  Remember there is no rules set in stone, it is your wedding and you can have whichever cake you would like.  But don’t forget your guests will be just as excited at the thought of a slice of wedding cake as you are – whether that be as part of the dessert menu, as a gift to take home with them, or included in evening buffet.

Traditional Wedding Cake

The most traditional wedding cake is the one that is tiered and how many tiers it consists of is down to the couple getting married.  When choosing a tiered wedding cake it is a good idea to take into account how many guests will be offered a slice.  Each tier could […]