wedding gift vouchers

wedding gift vouchers
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Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

Most couples thinking of getting married either have their own places or have already set up home together.  When they do decide to make their union official compiling a wedding gift list can seem like a nightmare.  Gone are the days of two toasters and a set of knives.  Newly married couples want to ensure no two gifts are the same and the gifts they receive are going to be put to good use.

This is where thinking outside the box comes in handy and here are five alternative wedding gift ideas that do just that.

Buy Our Honeymoon

Weddings are expensive and so are honeymoons.  Couples on a budget tend to skip over the honeymoon to ensure they have a wedding day to remember.  Guests can know come together to gift happy couples the chance of a honeymoon and this alternative wedding gift idea is becoming more and more popular.  No one likes to ask for cash and many feel this type of gift is far too impersonal – some close family members might wish to do things this way but not your work colleagues.  If you decide on this option details can be included with their wedding invitation and when it is time to send out thank you cards a picture from your honeymoon would make the perfect addition.


A lot of celebrities ask their guests to make donations to their chosen charities instead of worrying about a wedding gift.  Just because you are not in the same circle as them does not mean you cannot ask the same of your guests.  Some couples feel sharing their big day is enough of a wedding gift for them.  If you do decide to ask guests to make donations […]