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The Perfect Wedding Favour

The perfect wedding favour is a wonderful reminder of your big day and nearly as traditional as the bride wearing white and definitely something that should be skipped.  They don’t have to be that big or that expensive and can match your wedding theme, the season you got married in or a little glimpse into the happy couple.  And for those crafty types – you will be in your element – there are plenty of wedding favour ideas that can have the added bonus of being handmade by the bride, the groom or both.
The Keep Forever Wedding Favour
Do you have a poet of a creative writer amongst your circle of friends?  If the answer is yes – fantastic!  Why not ask them to put together a poem, a rhyme or song that celebrates your newly wedded status.  Printed on beautiful card or handwritten straight to paper, this is a true wonderful wedding favour that can be kept for many years to come.

Another wedding favour that can be kept is a CD filled with a collection of songs that most represent the happy couple and can include your ‘first dance’ song and a couple of standard wedding songs – you know the ones – that the DJ always sticks on.

Matchboxes complete with funny quotes are both practical and collectible but a wedding favour that might need to be kept out of harms way.  If you know there will be small children around, possible not such a good idea but if you are thinking about doing a wedding favour bag to give to your guests as they leave then a perfect little addition.
The Keep Until You Eat Wedding Favour
If you are not too fussed about giving a […]