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Hello Honeymoon!

The honeymoon destination is just as important as the plans for the wedding day and gives the happy couple another chance to celebrate their union – but in style.  Imagine if, after a fabulous wedding day, you turn up to your honeymoon destination and it does not live up to your expectations.  That happy bubble you arrived with will quickly disappear and turn into a black cloud that follows you around for the remainder of the trip.  We don’t want that to happen to any couple.

We have come up with four honeymoon destinations that gives couples the choice between the beach, the casinos, the high seas and the slopes.

Honeymoon #1 – Las Vegas, USA

This honeymoon destination is not just all about the casinos and for those couples who want to enjoy every last minute it is also a place that never sleeps.  You even get the chance to ‘travel the world’ without going anywhere near an airport with the choice of a boat trip along the Nile, a climb up the Eiffel Tower or a gondola ride along a Venetian canal.  Why not do all three and add a trip to the great outdoors just a stone’s throw away from the famous Strip.  There is also a variety of gourmet restaurants and sensational residency shows on offer too.

Honeymoon #2 – St Moritz, Switzerland

For those couples who prefer the sight of snow covered slopes over clear blue waters then this is the place to head to after your big day.  This winter resort is the oldest in the world when it comes to sports and where better to spend your honeymoon than the place that has hosted some big named events including two Winter Olympics.  Situated […]

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Don’t Let The Weather Spoil Your Day

With so many aspects that need planning for a wedding, there is one that the majority of couples seem to forget to include – the weather.   Don’t let the weather spoil your wedding day.

It is every bride’s dream to wake up on their wedding day with clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine with no sign of wind or rain.  The seasons do dictate how the weather may look at a particular time of year but for those planning their weddings it is advisable to have a plan B in case of sudden showers or howling winds.

Your wedding day is not the time to have to think of alternatives or listen to an elderly relative complain that their feet are soaking wet.  Here are a few things you might need to rethink if the weather does take a turn for the worst.


If you are intending to have an open topped car or even a horse and carriage to take you to and from your wedding ceremony, have you considered a change in the weather might pose a problem?  We all know that a beautifully sunny day can quickly turn to a downpour and no bride should be caught out.

Options:  check to see what the policy is for bad weather with the company supplying your transport.  They probably have every eventuality covered.


Marquees are a great idea, but not when the wind is howling through them and threatening to lift the whole thing into the air.  There is also the problem of a muddy walkway if the heavens have opened and this can become quite hazardous as day turns to night.

Options:  have some patio heaters on hand just in case but make sure they meet with the […]

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Wedding Venues – Dorset

Last in our series Wedding Venues in the West Country will take a look at Dorset – will one of these catch your eye?  Do you want your wedding to ooze a touch of history, or bring an Italian flare to the day?  Or is simple but elegant more your style.  The four wedding venues that we are focusing on are only a small part of a huge selection, so we have dedicated one of our Pinterest boards to Wedding Venues in Dorset, and included many more.


Forde Abbey

The Abbey is surrounded by 30 acres of award-winning gardens, which would no doubt make a beautiful backdrop for not only your wedding ceremony and reception, but for those all-important photographs. This remarkable stately home, was first founded in 1141 as a monastery, and is now the place to say I do if your wedding day is to be one of grandeur.  It is also good to know that if you choose to have your wedding on a weekend, the house is exclusively yours for that time.

Further details can be found at Forde Abbey.


The Italian Villa

This wedding venue was the best Wedding Venue in Dorset last year, so couples will already feel relaxed knowing that if they were to choose The Italian Villa, they would not be disappointed.  The Italian Villa is set amongst 10 acres of skilfully manicured gardens at the renowned Compton Acres, and brings its own magic to your special day.  Brides will be delighted at the prospect of having 3 floors of elegance just to themselves – although they may just have to share one with the bridegroom and guests.  This spectacular wedding venue is the only one of its kind in the UK […]

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Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

Most couples thinking of getting married either have their own places or have already set up home together.  When they do decide to make their union official compiling a wedding gift list can seem like a nightmare.  Gone are the days of two toasters and a set of knives.  Newly married couples want to ensure no two gifts are the same and the gifts they receive are going to be put to good use.

This is where thinking outside the box comes in handy and here are five alternative wedding gift ideas that do just that.

Buy Our Honeymoon

Weddings are expensive and so are honeymoons.  Couples on a budget tend to skip over the honeymoon to ensure they have a wedding day to remember.  Guests can know come together to gift happy couples the chance of a honeymoon and this alternative wedding gift idea is becoming more and more popular.  No one likes to ask for cash and many feel this type of gift is far too impersonal – some close family members might wish to do things this way but not your work colleagues.  If you decide on this option details can be included with their wedding invitation and when it is time to send out thank you cards a picture from your honeymoon would make the perfect addition.


A lot of celebrities ask their guests to make donations to their chosen charities instead of worrying about a wedding gift.  Just because you are not in the same circle as them does not mean you cannot ask the same of your guests.  Some couples feel sharing their big day is enough of a wedding gift for them.  If you do decide to ask guests to make donations […]

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First Dance Songs – Where to start?

First Dance songs can give many couples a bit of a headache when it comes to picking the right one and with so many wonderful available, where do they start when it comes to the most important song of the night?

As Devon wedding caterers, Lyme Bay Field Kitchen, are here to help couples planning their big day and hope that you find our blog helpful but humorous and worth sharing with others.   Our latest post is to help with the dilemmas couples face when it is time to pick the first dance song and the one that they will ever be reminded of.

For some couples the decision was already made when they first met, even before the thought of marriage popped into their heads. Although that is not the most  important first dance, it was the first dance as a couple and not long after Cupid took aim.  Most couples have ‘that’ song they associate with the beginning of their love.  But not all are appropriate.  So what then?
Here are 10 tips to help narrow down that perfect first dance song.
1.  Take a look at the lists of the many popular first dance songs that can be found across the internet.  One might just jump out and you won’t need to go any further.  If you find that you decide on one song, and then rapidly change your mind as you another choice presents itself keep reading.

2.  The best way to limit the amount of choices for first dance songs and the continuous need to keep picking a different one every five minutes is to pick a total number i.e 10, 15, 20, 25.  This way you choices will not be as impulsive (well that […]

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Something old, something new ……

For many, the first line of this traditional rhyme, brings to mind a bride on her wedding day.  But what does it actually mean for the bride herself?

The belief is a bride who wishes to bring good luck to her wedding and impending marriage life should incorporate these four; old, new, borrowed, blue into her day.  But like any bride knows, wedding plans can become an endless list of ideas, and the thought of adding four more fills them with panic.

Don’t worry Lyme Bay Field Kitchen have it all under control and our latest blog post includes an explanation into the meaning of this rhyme and ideas for brides-to-be to consider.  We have also dedicated one of our Pinterest boards to The Four ‘Somethings’  and is full of fabulous ideas, fantastic images and places to shop.

Something Old
Wearing something old represents the link between the bride and her family.  Particularly with her mother and grandmother, and is a symbol of continuity.  So brides-to-be should start asking their mother or grandmother if they have any antique jewellery they could possibly wear on their wedding day.  If either still have their wedding gowns, maybe something from that could be used on your own dress – say the veil?  Other ideas include a hankerchief, a pretty scarf or a piece of antique lace.

Something New
Something new is the easiest of the four ‘somethings’ to achieve as most brides do make their wedding dress the ‘something new’ on their big day.  Wearing something new represents good luck and success.  As a bride walks down the aisle she is filled with hopes that a bright future lays ahead.  It also reflects the new union that the bride and her new husband […]

West Country Wedding Venues – Somerset

Time for the second part of our four part special that focuses on a small collection of Wedding Venues across the Black Country, and next on our list is Somerset.  We have included links to all the wedding venues featured and would recommend you do check out their website to see what each individual wedding venue has to offer.

Almonry Barn

For couples who want to add an extra touch of history to their big day, The Almonry Barn has 800 years’ worth and could definitely be classed as a ‘one of a kind’ wedding venue.  The barn, once part of a beautiful abbey, can be found in the medieval village of Muchelney and is believed to be the oldest wedding barn in England.  Considered a relatively new wedding venue in the heart of Somerset, The Almonry Barn is a combination of stylish and rustic elegance and full of quirky and interesting touches that will make any wedding day extra special.

More details about Almonry Barn and how to book your wedding can be found on their website.  You will also find lots more breath-taking images of how your wedding might look if you decide Almonry Barn is where you want to get married.

Kilver Court

Hidden away in the English countryside, Kilver Court, is the only place to exchange wedding vows if you are thinking of having an ‘al fresco’ wedding.  This unique wedding venue, with its combination of elegant rooms and romantic gardens, will not disappoint.

Known as The Secret Gardens of Somerset, the romantic gardens at Kilver Court, with their formal parterre, carefully tended rockeries, mellow mill pond and breath-taking viaduct, would allow for some beautiful memories to be captured on camera.  If you decide to continue celebrating […]

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The Perfect Wedding Favour

The perfect wedding favour is a wonderful reminder of your big day and nearly as traditional as the bride wearing white and definitely something that should be skipped.  They don’t have to be that big or that expensive and can match your wedding theme, the season you got married in or a little glimpse into the happy couple.  And for those crafty types – you will be in your element – there are plenty of wedding favour ideas that can have the added bonus of being handmade by the bride, the groom or both.
The Keep Forever Wedding Favour
Do you have a poet of a creative writer amongst your circle of friends?  If the answer is yes – fantastic!  Why not ask them to put together a poem, a rhyme or song that celebrates your newly wedded status.  Printed on beautiful card or handwritten straight to paper, this is a true wonderful wedding favour that can be kept for many years to come.

Another wedding favour that can be kept is a CD filled with a collection of songs that most represent the happy couple and can include your ‘first dance’ song and a couple of standard wedding songs – you know the ones – that the DJ always sticks on.

Matchboxes complete with funny quotes are both practical and collectible but a wedding favour that might need to be kept out of harms way.  If you know there will be small children around, possible not such a good idea but if you are thinking about doing a wedding favour bag to give to your guests as they leave then a perfect little addition.
The Keep Until You Eat Wedding Favour
If you are not too fussed about giving a […]

Unusual Wedding Themes

Choosing a wedding theme that matches both you and your partner’s personalities can sometimes be the hardest choice to make when planning your big day.  Sometimes opting for the most easiest seems the only way forward with so many other things to think of but will it leave you disappointed.  Why not check out these four unusual wedding themes and see if one of these hits all the right buttons and ends up making your special day a memorable one.

Evening Wedding

If the thought of arranging a day that starts at lunchtime and continues way into the early hours fills you with dread, how about opting for an Evening Wedding.   In England you are now able to get married up to 6pm and including a post-ceremony Champagne, Cocktails and Canapés reception to keep your guests entertained whilst the bride is fashionably late.  Lyme Bay Field Kitchen have a mouth-watering selection of hot and cold Canapés including in their 2014 Wedding Menu Brochure and are on hand to give you their advice and expertise.  Why not ask your guests to follow a dress code, doesn’t have to be too strict, just an outfit that adds to the glamour of an Evening Wedding.


Rainbow Themed

This wedding theme is perfect if your wedding is set for the summer months, and when you just can’t make up your mind what colour scheme to have.  You don’t need to go overboard – unless you really want to!  With a Rainbow Themed Wedding you can include any and everything for your big day, from multi-coloured wedding invitations to rainbow inspired desserts, to table decorations and even the flowers for the day.  The blushing bride can add a touch of rainbow just by including […]

We all love a wood fired pizza!

There was a time when every party, special occasion or wedding you went to had all the same meals on the menu and finger foods on the buffet table. That was the ‘norm’ back then. Nowadays anything goes and that includes what type of food you and your guests should get to eat on your Special Day.  Newly engaged couples are thinking outside the box and going for a menu that is a little different and one that compliments their day rather than stands out for all the wrong reasons.

A popular choice, and definitely one to add to your list if you’re planning on going al fresco is a Wood Fired Pizza and an option Lyme Bay Field Kitchen has included on their Wedding Menu for 2014.  Imagine sipping a cool glass of something delicious with the tantalising aromas of freshly cooked wood fired pizza floating all around you.  Doesn’t it make your mouth water just thinking about it? They will also be very different from the pizzas you’ve previously tasted, unless you’re already a lover of pizzas cooked in the traditional way. A pizza worth serving to your guests should be a pizza cooked in no other way but in a wood fired oven. It will also make for a great topic of conversation and you will see plenty of eyes, young and old, watching the chefs preparing the pizzas before expertly popping them into the wood fired ovens. You can bet guests won’t take their eyes off those ovens until it is time to take the pizza back out again. Can you hear the stampede rushing towards the smoky aromas? Your guests will be coming back for more, and more. It’s a good job […]