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Research Your Perfect Wedding

Planning a wedding can take over your every minute and lose that wonderful experience feeling very quickly if it all becomes too much.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  With a little research before any possibilities have made it on to the list of finalists the planning process can remain an occasion to enjoy.  You might need a little help from your friends and family but we doubt that not many of them will be turning down the chance to be part of the preparations.  So where do you start with the research?

Research #1 – Wedding Fairs

Wedding Fairs are the perfect event to attend if you have a wedding to plan and a lot of them are generally held at a fancy hotel or wedding venue.  So whilst you check out the smaller details you can also check out a possible venue – now that sounds like a great idea for a busy bride-to-be!  Don’t feel that you have to limit yourself to just one or two as it is always wise to get a few ideas from various places, but on the other hand, don’t tire yourself out and end up dreading the words Wedding Fairs.

Research #2 – Wedding Magazines

Before you go rushing off to the shops and clear the shelves of all the latest wedding magazines, why not ask around.  Magazines have a habit of being hard to get rid of and if you’re lucky they might just be of use to you.  Backdated magazines can also be found at boot sales at a reduced price to if you are trying to keep your budget down.  Once you have a good selection of magazines then you can start putting together a […]

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Top Five Possible Wedding Disasters

One thing that a bride and groom does not want as part of their wedding day is a disaster.  But what could possibly go wrong with all the preparation you have done?  We’ve got a Top Five possibly wedding disasters and some tips on how to avoid them altogether (or almost).

1.  The bride or groom gets the giggles.

You know how it is if one person starts laughing, but what happens if it is the bride or groom who are in the middle of taking their vowels.  If you or your partner do have a name that has the potential for a little bit of hysteria then it is probably a good idea to practice saying this until the hilarity is removed.  Obviously some people do giggle when they are nervous and this cannot be helped but if that is you, try and take some deep breaths and focus on how lovely it will be to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.

2.  One of the wedding party faints.

Being part of the wedding party can be nerve-wracking and it is no wonder so many people tend to faint on the big day.  Not only do the nerves get the better of you, but for some they have skipped breakfast, or been up for hours and their body is running low on energy.  Try and make sure that all wedding party members have at least had something before they head to the ceremony.  Nominate the least likely person to faint (but not the bride and groom as they may be a little tied up) and equip them with some energy bars and bottled water for emergencies.

3.  The bride takes a tumble.

Wedding dresses can look gorgeous […]

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Five ‘Alternative Flowers’ Ideas

Not every bride is a fan of flowers and will be looking for ‘alternative flowers’ ideas that look just as beautiful as the bouquet she will be walking down the aisle with.  But are they easy to find?  Most if not all of the five quirky alternative to flowers that we will be talking about can be attempted by a crafty bride or if that isn’t an option there are plenty of ‘crafties’ out there eager to get their hands on a project like these.

Unlike real flowers, these bouquets can and do last forever and would not look out of place on display along with a bride and groom photograph.  Each would also impress guests who have only ever seen flower bouquets (real or artificial) and give future brides alternative ideas of their own.  These quirky alternative to flowers do not have to be limited to the bride only and can include the bridesmaid, buttonholes and even the table decorations.

So let’s take a closer look at the five quirky alternative flowers:
#1 Alternative Flowers – Buttons

This is a great option and can be co-ordinated perfectly with your colour theme and can be of varying sizes and designs.  They are also a great project for those D-I-Y brides who wish to keep to their budget or have as much control over their big days as they can.

#2 Alternative Flowers – Paper

Bouquets made from paper are becoming more and more popular and there are endless ideas if this is the one you decide to go for.  Why not have your favourite song or piece of poetry, or even your wedding vowels written on the paper to add a little something special to the day.

#3 Alternative Flowers – Fabric

If […]

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Poetry for Weddings

Wedding poetry can be whatever you wish them to be and it does not have to be limited to only being read aloud during the ceremony.  They are intended to convey the importance a good marriage can have on a happy life, the joining of two souls to create one, and (what all newly-weds wish for) a lifetime of happiness filled with love, laughter and lasting memories.

Short poems could accompany your wedding invitations like the one below:
The Finest Thing

Among the finest things in life,
a good marriage
is the most satisfying and rewarding,
the deepest and best of pleasures.
That blessed relationship
uplifts, enriches, encourages
and strengthens both husband and wife.
A loving marriage
overcomes any obstacles
the world may put in its way,
strengthening the special marital bond
with every challenge conquered.
Your wedding
is the start of something better
than you can imagine.
May your marriage
be all that you dream of and more.

(By Joanna Fuchs)

Or maybe you would prefer something of just a few lines, like a haiku (a Japanese lyric form) that sums up the day. Why not ask your guests to put a few words together and create a haiku – you could get them to write in a specially provided book that you can keep.  What a great way to entertain your guests too and to give you an idea of what a haiku might look like we have included this short but sweet one. Can you guess which part of the day this is all about?

I Do

Fleeting glimpse of white.

Here comes the bride – all stand.

Do you take? I do!

(By S Tyler)

During the wedding ceremony or as part of one or both of the couple’s vows a poem that focuses on marriage such as the one below could be included.  Not only does it […]

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Save The Date

There was a time that a wedding invitation was all that was sent to guests to let them know the time, place and date of an upcoming wedding.  But with many couples choosing to tie the knot away from their hometowns save the date cards have started to fly off the shelves and are one of the first things to be decided upon.  Are they worth sending?

That does depend on several factors.

If your wedding is not for another twelve months or more than it is probably a good idea to send a save the date to let your guests know there is only one place they should be on that date.  It is also great for guests who maybe travelling a far distance or even from abroad to attend and gives them plenty of time to source flights, accommodation and some free time before and after the wedding.  For weddings that are going to be held abroad this will also give those coming with you enough time to sort out their arrangements to either travel directly to the destination or first travel to you and then onto the destination.  These types of bookings are a little more complicated than a package holiday and the more time you give guests to sort out what they need to do the better.  They may also need to start saving some pennies too!

This will also help other couples who might also be planning their own big day and avoid guests invited to both weddings having to choose which one to go to.  You want them to attend both and so do they.

Another reason to give them a thought is if your date will coincide with the popular holiday periods […]

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Five Winter Cover-Ups

For those brides getting married in the winter months, ensuring that you don’t catch a cold before you even walk down the aisle is a must.  But what goes with a wedding dress?

Below we have five winter cover-ups that might sound like a recipe for disaster but in reality are the perfect cover-ups to keep the exposed parts of your upper body warm.  We’re guessing the lower parts of your body will be just fine with all those layers of lovely material.  Just remember it is only going to be a couple of short bursts of winter weather that you will step in and out of and for the journeys by car there are some lovely wedding throws available.

Cropped Jacket

There is no reason why a bride cannot add a jacket to her wedding outfit.  In fact some dresses will come with the option of a winter jacket that matches perfectly.  Cropped jackets do not have to match, they can be in whatever colour or style that you like.  Great options include faux fur, lace, satin and silk cropped jackets in creams, whites, pastel pinks and blues and even black and grey.

Cropped Cardigans

If you think wearing a jacket is too much hassle why not opt for a petite cropped cardigan instead.  There are so many available that even the fussiest of brides will be inundated by choices.  Why not try and match the colour of your cardigan with your flowers, shoes or wedding theme.

Denim Jacket

The denim jacket might seem like an odd choice but have you ever seen a woman wearing a beautiful dress teamed with a bit of denim?  How does it look?  Most would say a great combination so why not on your winter […]

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A Year of Posts

Can you believe that 12 months has gone passed since our wedding focused blog went live and began sharing fun but informative posts for soon-to-be married couples.  So what better way to celebrate this one year milestone than by taking a look back at the delights planning a wedding can bring.

Things didn’t really take off until the start of 2014 – we blame that on the Christmas festivities and some pesky pc problems – with just a couple of taster posts to whet the appetite of wedding lovers in October 2013.  The first focused on the rise of Shabby Chic Weddings with some great additional images on the dedicated Pinterest board.  Then it was the turn of the Wood Fired Pizza and one that will have you dreaming about the way these types of pizza smell, look and taste – delizioso!

The beginning of 2015 let us take a look at the latest trend in weddings – The Unusual Wedding Theme – as well as a few dessert options to finish with after your main course.  In the short West Country series we took a look at a number of breathtakingly beautiful wedding venues, which colour belongs in which season, the wedding favours that your guests would be more than happy to go home with and the song that will be the one you take your first dance too.

Moving into the summer season there was a mixture of posts that covered the topic of alternative wedding gifts for those newlyweds who have already set up home together, which flowers brides across the country prefer to be holding as they walk down the aisle and the cake that should take centre stage after the bride and groom.  […]

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Don’t Let The Weather Spoil Your Day

With so many aspects that need planning for a wedding, there is one that the majority of couples seem to forget to include – the weather.   Don’t let the weather spoil your wedding day.

It is every bride’s dream to wake up on their wedding day with clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine with no sign of wind or rain.  The seasons do dictate how the weather may look at a particular time of year but for those planning their weddings it is advisable to have a plan B in case of sudden showers or howling winds.

Your wedding day is not the time to have to think of alternatives or listen to an elderly relative complain that their feet are soaking wet.  Here are a few things you might need to rethink if the weather does take a turn for the worst.


If you are intending to have an open topped car or even a horse and carriage to take you to and from your wedding ceremony, have you considered a change in the weather might pose a problem?  We all know that a beautifully sunny day can quickly turn to a downpour and no bride should be caught out.

Options:  check to see what the policy is for bad weather with the company supplying your transport.  They probably have every eventuality covered.


Marquees are a great idea, but not when the wind is howling through them and threatening to lift the whole thing into the air.  There is also the problem of a muddy walkway if the heavens have opened and this can become quite hazardous as day turns to night.

Options:  have some patio heaters on hand just in case but make sure they meet with the […]

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Top Five Wedding Flowers

When it comes to today’s weddings anything goes and that includes the wedding flowers.  With so many types of choose from the task to decide which flowers you should consider for your bouquets, the wedding ceremony and those that adorn the tables at your reception is not an easy one.

There are a handful of select flowers that seemed to have stood the test of time and remain just as popular now as they have been for decades.  We’ve put together a Top Five of Wedding Flowers that even the fussiest of brides-to-be would be happy with.
Roses are the epilogue of love and romance and which bride-to-be wouldn’t want one of the world’s favourite flower in her wedding bouquet.  Available in so many different colours, roses will add a touch of elegance to your special day.  Don’t forget the delicate fragrance that roses surround you with either.

Tulips bring more than a touch of fun and cheer to any wedding day.  The range of colours available ensures there are no shortages of spectacular bouquets or table decoration ideas.  They can also be easily matched with your colour theme and as the focal point of your spring wedding.

Gerbera Daisies
Gerbera Daisies come in many colours and compared with other popular wedding flowers are a fashionable and affordable alternative.  That aside, they do add a touch of simplicity that every wedding should have.  Placed in a single flute vase as part of your table decoration leaves plenty of room to accompany them with colour co-ordinated candles.

Orchids are the ultimate in exotic flowers and can be incorporated in all aspects of your day.  Not only do they add sophistication to a cascading shower bouquet but make breath-taking centrepieces at your reception.  […]

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First Dance Songs – Where to start?

First Dance songs can give many couples a bit of a headache when it comes to picking the right one and with so many wonderful available, where do they start when it comes to the most important song of the night?

As Devon wedding caterers, Lyme Bay Field Kitchen, are here to help couples planning their big day and hope that you find our blog helpful but humorous and worth sharing with others.   Our latest post is to help with the dilemmas couples face when it is time to pick the first dance song and the one that they will ever be reminded of.

For some couples the decision was already made when they first met, even before the thought of marriage popped into their heads. Although that is not the most  important first dance, it was the first dance as a couple and not long after Cupid took aim.  Most couples have ‘that’ song they associate with the beginning of their love.  But not all are appropriate.  So what then?
Here are 10 tips to help narrow down that perfect first dance song.
1.  Take a look at the lists of the many popular first dance songs that can be found across the internet.  One might just jump out and you won’t need to go any further.  If you find that you decide on one song, and then rapidly change your mind as you another choice presents itself keep reading.

2.  The best way to limit the amount of choices for first dance songs and the continuous need to keep picking a different one every five minutes is to pick a total number i.e 10, 15, 20, 25.  This way you choices will not be as impulsive (well that […]